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Basic Table Tennis Skills You Need To Know

Basic Table Tennis Skills

Basic Table Tennis Skills

You can master any game after you’ve perfected your skills. Here are the basic table tennis skills that you must learn, just like any other game. You will undoubtedly win once you have a firm grasp of the situation.
Let’s get started!

4 Basic Table Tennis Skills:

Forehand stroke:

Firstly, we shall describe the “Forehand drive technique”. This is a very important shot in table tennis. It is an attacking stroke.

This is played on a bit of topspin. In this, you have fired the ball so hard that it goes out of the table after bouncing off your opponent’s side.
This shot is:

How is it played?
While playing forehand drive, Have command on these points.

How to Get in Shape for Forehand Driving?
Keep these thoughts in mind the next time you have to deal with a forehand drive.

  1. Distribute your weight forward as you twist your body toward the table.
  2. To give a twist to the ball, hit it with a shut face racket.

Mistakes that a player makes while playing forehand stroke:
Just the arm have motion, whether the racket is either shut or excessively open at the hour of contact with the ball (the body doesn’t take part enough)

During the primer stage, the racket’s force is deficient.

Backhand Stroke:

Since it needs less body turn and weight move, the strike drive is a less requesting shot than the forehand.

How backhand stroke is played?

On the factor, while you connect with the ball, try to deliver it a few topspins. For the period of the shot, hold your bat point shot.

Common mistakes you must avoid:

In principle, in the starting position, every time the racket should be behind the elbow to the end line of the table.

Furthermore, On a long ball hit at the top of the rebound, the backhand attack executed only by the wrist is not powerful enough to surprise the opponent.

Backhand Flick:

The backhand flick also known as backhand flip is the standard as well as crucial technique. It’s known as Banana flick or Chiquita flick too.
When you face the coming ball with a lower spin or topspin towards your left-hand side then you play “backhand flick”.

Put elbow forward:
To make an excellent impact on the backhand flick, it’s very important to lift the elbow up and then move ahead. If you are not doing so, you will not be able to use your elbow as an “axis of rotation”. And hence you can’t move your wrist around the elbow. So, to make a good shot keep your elbow away from the body.

Grasp the paddle lightly:
Your hand grip must be loosened. If you hold the racket firmly you can never be able to twist the paddle in your hand. A loosely held bat will assist you to have a good and quick stroke. It will also help you to move the racket easily. If you carry the paddle comfortably, you can control the backhand flick too.

Get adjacent to the table:
Make sure, you are nearer to the table. If you are close to the table, you are near to the ball too and hence strike the coming ball correctly and chances create a right impression.
Remember, accelerate and hit the ball when it is at its maximum peak.

Forehand Flick:

During early times, Forehand flip was taken as a “standard” technique. Later on, the Chinese coach introduced this technique as a basic skill.
It contends like forehand however, it’s a unique stroke play with the variant spin on the ball and it’s performed once, you can’t attack and properly manage your competitor from the assaulting. Forehand push is mostly performed towards the shot or the lower spin ball.

Aggressive Push:
While learning basic table tennis skills, a player must be an expert in an aggressive push.
That means: return the ball with very high speed and spin towards the right side of the competitor. So that he misses the ball and could not be able to return the very fastball.

These all above-described techniques are really wonderful. If you practice these basic table tennis skills, you are sure to win the game and then step forward to get experts in advanced skills. No matter, how experienced player you are, besides practicing these basic table tennis skills you can never become a good player.

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