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Common Table Tennis Injuries: Are you making these Mistakes?

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You people think that you can enjoy table tennis without being injured. But it’s impossible! Some and most common table tennis injuries that we will talk about.
Actually, Table tennis requires a lot of sudden and quick movements. And all your body parts take part in this game. So, when you serve the ball, a lot of pressure on your body parts, especially the wrist joint, neck, shoulder, knee waist muscles have to face. You feel stretching and strain in your muscles.

What are the common table tennis injuries? Let’s talk about all these traumas in playing common table tennis.

6 Types Of Common Table Tennis Injuries:

Muscle’s injury:

A wound like stretching in muscle is a common table tennis injury that you have to face in table tennis.


Two main things that cause muscles injury in table tennis.
Movement of body parts in different directions:
In playing table tennis, you and your body parts are continuously moving in a different direction. So, your muscles are at higher risk to be stretched.

Playing game for the very first time:
Also, as a newbie, your body is not trained for sudden movement. So, when you practice this game for the very first time, you get easily tired and feel muscles pulling in playing this game.
That’s why you feel the utmost of the muscles like the spinal, neck, the shoulder joint is getting tired and

Shoulder’s injury:

The second and most common damage in playing table tennis is the Shoulder injury.

Often, you use your shoulder a lot so, you may face acute pain in the shoulders.
You’re playing and are more expected to have a shoulder injury.

Forms of shoulder damages:
Three kinds of shoulder injuries you will observe and face in table tennis. These may be because of aching in the shoulders, displacement of the shoulders, and muscle discomfort.

Excessive movement:
No doubt, the shoulder contributes to the game a lot. They need to move every time in the game. This unwarranted movement may lead to shoulder strain.

Continual motion:
Shoulders are the extra flexible and important part of the body. Their constant and sudden movements can be a big reason for shoulder hurts.

Strong pushes:
Striking the ball more strongly will increase the pressure on the shoulder’s muscles and your muscles have to face pulling and hence pain in the shoulder has been observed.

Injuries in the knee:

Do our knees get injured during table tennis games?
The answer is yes. Many people think that there are no chances for knees to get injured while playing table tennis.

But I’m clarifying to you if you’re not caring for yourself during playing table tennis your knees get fractured too. Once knees get injured or fractured, they take much time to be recovered. Perhaps one or two months needed to be recovered.

Unbalancing of weight:
The major reason why does knees fracture or injure is the unbalancing of weight.
When you will bend your physique more on one side, your body’s weight will be unbalanced and hence affect the knees badly.

Twisting of knees:
You’ve to make quick actions e.G. From left-hand to right-hand or right to left. Your knees rotate an hence knees get injured.

style of the play:
Furthermore, knee injury depends on the style of the play. If you are playing with the cut Ball Style, lower limbs have to face a large number of movements. A large number of movements and fast speed overload the knee joint and get to injury.

The knee joint is always in a semi-flexion position, and the ligaments around the joint are in a state of tension and traction. If the knee joint does not undergo adaptive training before exercise, it will easily cause sports injuries to the collateral ligaments on both sides of the knee joint when it is suddenly overstretched.

Low back pain:

One of the most chronic injuries is known as back pain.

It says, about 38% of the players do not participate in this game in the tournament because of severe low back pain and 30% of the athletes suffered from chronic pain in the back.

Following are the reasons for low back pain injuries.

Service is the big reason behind this trauma. Once you are serving the ball, means that you are
increasing the tension on the lumbar spine.

Though playing the game, mostly your body leans forward. Spinal muscles also contract and tense for an extended time during practicing the game. Many players do not relax after playing the game and hence resulting in fatigue and injury.

Damages to wrist:

Damages to the wrist is one of the common table tennis injuries.

Wrists are at the highest risk of receiving an injury during the table tennis game.

The maximum of the body part that takes part in playing this game is your wrist.

Weak wrist joints:
The wrist is composed of 8 bones. These all bones have different shapes too. That is why it is more flexible. When you strike the ball, your wrist makes internal movement and abduction drive. Your sports injuries are subjected to occur in case your wrist joints are not strong or flexible.

Wrist rotation:
When the ball hits the racket, you rotate your wrist continuously. That is why wrists are at higher risk the table tennis players.
Moreover, during the service, you increase the stress on the wrist so you get injured and feel pain or
strain in your wrist.

Elbow Injury:

Tennis elbow disease is the most common table tennis injury.

Players with a horizontal racket are more probable to have elbow-raising problems.

Unreasonable and technical movements:
In fact, the basis of tennis elbow is that the technical movements are unreasonable.

It’s true to use force, and this situation occurs more often in straight shot players because the straight shot method can’t keep up with the straight line, so the player who uses it will be better than using the ball when pulling the ball forehand.

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