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Health benefits of ping pong

Health benefits of ping pong

Health benefits of ping pong

Since ping pong requires quick and sudden movements. So, it has a large number of health benefits. The Health benefits of ping pong are incredible. Let us talk about all these benefits one by one.

7 Health Benefits of Ping Pong Pong:


Playing table tennis requires not only seeing with eyes but also listening with ears.

Because of the power, speed, and rotation strength of table tennis in sports, the eyes cannot distinguish, but the ears can hear it.

With great power, the ball hits the racket and the table with a loud sound; fast and slow, the sound of the ball is different; topspin and backspin have different sounds; different courts have different sounds.
For example, in a square and indoors, the sound of the ball is different; in an indoor court with good sound insulation, good windproof, and large space, and playing in an indoor court with poor sound insulation, poor windproof, and small space, the sound of the ball is different.


High-quality tables, rackets, and balls have different sounds from impact or friction from low-quality tables, rackets, and balls; good and bad balls have different sounds. Nervous players and calm players have different breathing, footsteps, and rhythm when playing.

Before a table tennis match, players generally have to adapt to the court and play practice balls. Its main purpose is to listen to the sound.

Experienced players can hear tense footsteps, chaotic rhythms, heavy breathing, fast, flexible balls, high-quality tables, rackets, and balls without entering the court.
Even inexperienced players can tell which ball is bad because its sound is different from other balls. But with my eyes, I can’t find anything broken for a long time.
Table tennis is very beneficial to the health of the ears and auditory system. It is also a hearing test activity.

2 Beneficial to improve the agility, flexibility, and coordination of the body:

The movement speed of table tennis is very fast, and its flying speed can reach 20 meters per second, which requires the player’s instant reaction to be particularly fast.

According to relevant experts, the instant reaction time of a table tennis player is 0.14 seconds, while that of an average person is about 0.3 seconds. That is, the sensitivity of the brain of a table tennis player is more than twice that of an ordinary person. It shows that its thinking speed is fast, and its rapid response-ability is strong.

3 Conducive to the health of muscles, joints, and limbs:

Playing table tennis requires particularly high muscles, joints, and limbs.

Starting from the toe kick, the ankle joint, knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint, and finger joints should be refined and specific to each joint of the thumb, each joint of the middle finger, and each of the index finger Joints.

Every small joint must participate in this sport, and from top to bottom, they must fully cooperate, act at the same time, and fight in coordination. Such careful and strict requirements are generally not available for other sports.

When the joints move, the muscles must follow them, and the limbs, especially their ends, must also follow.

In ping-pong, the toes and fingers often take on the roles of main players and attackers and are more important than other parts of the limbs.

It is very appropriate to use the phrase “Home Alone” as a metaphor for table tennis. Ping-pong exercises muscles, joints, and limbs, and no sport can match it.

4 Health benefits of ping pong: beneficial to the heart and blood circulatory system:   

Ping-pong exercise has a very large amount of flexibility. You can play fast or slow; you can play lightly or hard; you can run and chase the ball and play far away, and you can stand still and play close. There are plenty of options to meet the different requirements of people of all physiques.
In a ping-pong match, especially when the athletes of both sides stand on the far stage, the amount of exercise of the players of both sides is particularly large, which is equivalent to the amount of sprinting.

Average heartbeat rate of players:

According to field measurement, the athlete’s average heart rate is about 160 beats per minute, and the maximum D can reach 190 beats per minute. This is a great challenge and test for the heart and blood circulatory system of the athletes of both sides, and it is also a beneficial exercise for the system. Playing table tennis regularly can enhance blood circulation, improve its function, and improve its health.

5 Conducive to the health of the stomach and digestive system:

All exercise consumes energy, which is produced by the stomach and digestive system.

The energy consumed needs to be replenished in time to achieve a balance between supply and demand.

Supplementing energy promotes the intensified “production” of the stomach and digestive system, and “manufacturing” with full horsepower can promote its health.

6 Conducive to other five internal organs and urinary system health:  

The various systems in the body are artificially divided, which is the need for people’s research and understanding. They are originally a whole, regardless of you, me, or him.

1- Health benefits of ping pong: Excretion through the urinary system:

There is very little information on the health of table tennis and spleen, spleen, and urinary system. The author can only start from my perception and talk about a superficial understanding.

The urinary system is mainly the excretion system, which is the channel through which the impurities after digestion and consumption are discharged from the body.

2- Health benefits of ping pong: Excretion through sweating:

Sweating is a way of excretion. Playing table tennis is conducive to sweating and is conducive to clearing out the cells eliminated from the body and excreting them outside the body.

Urine and defecation is the most important way of excretion. Playing table tennis is good for accelerating blood circulation, promoting metabolism, and good for defecation. Other aspects of the content need to be supplemented and improved.

7 Conducive to lowering lipids, lowering blood sugar, and lowering blood pressure: 

Experiments and studies have proved that table tennis exercise can significantly reduce the fat content in the body, and then lower blood sugar and blood pressure. It has a preventive and tit has a preventive and therapeutic effect on heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

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