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How to Fix a Ping Pong Ball?

How to Fix a Ping Pong Ball?

Are you worried about how to fix a ping pong ball? Once the table tennis ball is pressed in, a nice game is out of the question. Ping-Pong balls are hollow. They easily lost their shape when striking some hard surface. Also, Ping pong ball is a very important element of the game.

Anyone who has already had the problem will have tried to get the bumps out somehow by pressing and squeezing them. But you’ll not have succeeded.
There is, however, an unbeatable method for “fix” the balls again:
Here I am going to discuss the very important and easiest methods to repair ping pong balls into their original shape.

4 Easy Methods to Fix a Ping Pong Ball:

Air expansion method:
The air expansion method is the simplest way to remove the depression from the Ping-Pong ball. In this method, we’ll learn different strategies to remove the depression from the ball.

Using Boiled Water:

To inflate the ball, Boiled water plays an important role.
First, take two cups of water.
Second, Transfer the water into the pan and then boil the water.
Third, when bubbles appear in the water, gently put the ball into the boiled water.

Fourth, it will start floating on the surface of the water.
Fifth, undoubtedly, within a few seconds, Ball will inflate.
Sixth, After that, Take out the ball from the boiled water. And put it on the soft surface. You may use soft and smooth surfaces such as tissue paper or a handkerchief.

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If the ball does not fix,be relaxed, justpush the ball into the water with the spoon. The ball will fix within 20-25 seconds. After that, take out the ball from the boiled water.


Fix Ping Pong ball with flame:

2nd and simplest method to repair the ping pong ball is “Fix Ping Pong Ball with Flame”.

  1. Hold the dented ball with heat-resistant pliers.
  2. Carefully pass the lighter under the ball making circular movements keeping a certain distance so that it does not burn but that heat is applied to it and the ball returns to its normal state.
  3. Hold the ball off its feet until it cools.
  4. For drying purposes; use soft cloths like tissue paper or handkerchief otherwise, there are chances that ping pong balls get dented.

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In the dryer:

Let us see How to fix a ping pong ball with a laundry dryer. This is our third valuable method.

Steps to inflate the ping pong ball:

With a hairdryer:

The fourth and last method to fix the ping pong ball is by using a hairdryer.
Let us look at the following steps:

These are some of the easiest and fastest methods to recover a dented ball, and they all have the same explanation.

What happens to the dented ping pong ball when air expands?
The question is to heat the air trapped inside the ball so that there is an increase in temperature and with it an increase in internal pressure. This internal pressure is what makes the ball little by little recover its original shape.
Can we fix a ping pong ball that is cracked or broken?
We must bear in mind that we cannot fix a ball that has cracks so, buy a new one.
Can a ping pong ball be fixed several times? Explain why or why not?
Indeed, all the above-mentioned methods are very useful for fixing the dented ball However, a ball that is repaired several times gradually loses durability too until it will eventually break.
Remember that, after subjecting the ball to these methods, it can increase its size a little and it can even decrease the rebounding power and alter the game since it is very difficult for it to become completely perfect like a newly purchased ping pong ball.
What type of material is used in ping pong balls?
The ping pong game is very similar to table tennis, The balls used in both these games are spherical and are made of celluloid or plastic material. Both celluloid and plastic have high rebound capacity. The diameter of the ball ping-pong was 38 millimeters mm but It was increased to 40 millimeter mm.
What is the phenomena behind the airexpansion that definitely fix the ping pong ball?
I am giving you the following reasons that will explain your answer clearly.
  • The ball has a very thin outer skin and there is air inside. It expands when heated and pushes out the bump because it is airtight.
  • It is so that due to the hot water there is a certain force/pressure on the more sensitive material table tennis ball. And thereby the ball comes back to its original shape.

But let’s be honest, it goes without saying that such a ball is no longer suitable for tournaments.

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